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Reading my (old) Kindle in the bath


So after last night’s blog post, I got brave and fixed up my older Kindle with a couple of large ziplock bags and read it in the bath last night. It worked pretty well, although the plastic was uncomfortable to hold as it made my hands sweaty, so I kept trying to awkwardly hold it with a washcloth. Also, I double-bagged it with the second bag up-side-down, so it was a bit bulky. I think ideally there would be a way to secure the Kindle on a tray that swings across the top of the bath of something, so it could be hands-free, except for page turning. 

I would never try this with my newer Kindle Fire, because it’s just not worth the risk. Every once in a while I put my Fire on its stand next to the bath, set very far back. I’m lucky that my tub has a big lip and a wide tile shelf all the way around, so it’s pretty safe that way. Unfortunately, the speakers in my Fire suck badly, so I can’t watch a movie without headphones, otherwise it would be a good option for that. This is a serious flaw that I heard a lot of people complaining about when the Fire first came out. I don’t know if the problem ever got addressed—it seems to differ from Kindle to Kindle—even in this house. The kids don’t have a problem with the volume on their Kindle Fires when watching videos, etc. I almost wish I had complained to Amazon.com right after purchasing it and asked for a replacement. Oh well. I’m still very grateful to have it.

Geek on!


Well, the long break is coming to an end. And this habit of staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. is, sadly, going to have to go. In fact, it’s going to bite trying to get to bed on time tonight and up early tomorrow. But it sure was nice to have so many days off in a row. If not away from a screen (Fire!), but at least away from long hours in front of the laptop, configuring and tweaking software, and/or long conference calls.

I’ve barely used my smart phone this week. I called my Dad, I’ve carried it around the house a little bit, that’s about it. I’m tempted to give up the smart phone all together in lieu of using the Kindle Fire (think of the cell phone plan I could bump down to with a cheapy phone!)… But, of course, when I leave the house it will be a different story. Because the Fire is only wireless. My smart phone can connect me when there is no wireless or wireless is inconvenient. And it also has GPS. And bluetooth. And an OK camera that is always with me. And you can actually talk on it. (Except for when the phone dies ¾ way through the day.) I guess I won’t be giving up the smart phone just yet. It would be great, though, to only carry around one piece of elegant, lightweight technology that does everything; including letting me create with the Adobe suite, write comfortably, and use whatever programming app I need. Maybe the iPad does that now? It’s probably closer, but I bet it’s not quite there yet.

I’m sure that soon enough there will be new shiny things that will make the Fire seem old school. Geek on!