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What fills your silence?


First, goal progress: In bed by 12:00 a.m. ish Jan 21, Up at 7:15 a.m. ish Jan 21.


My favorite podcasts, in not quite random order. You can find most of these on iTunes except Vegan World Radio and my own show, All Things Vegan.

Any recommendations for me?



First, goal progress: In bed by around midnight Jan 16, Up at 8 a.m. Jan 17.


A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus – Week 3

As you continue your mindfulness practice this week, think about ways in which you ARE and ARE NOT disciplined.

Take a look at the goals and intentions you had in mind as you began this mindfulness practice. What intentions are happening for you? Which ones are getting left by the wayside? How are you wasting time? What distractions creep in that detract you from doing the things you really want to do . . . or need to do? What thoughts limit you from reaching your true potential? If you are a yogi, what gets in the way of regular asana practice? What drives you toward regular practice? How disciplined are you with listening to your body? What does it need? Do you listen? This is self discipline too. What of your mind? Does it run rampant with thought? Can you discipline yourself to a regular meditation practice to learn how to quiet it more regularly? How can you be mindful this week while working with the concept of self discipline?

Here’s how I resist: How can I quiet my mind when there is already so much to do, to learn, to catch up on? I’ve been in the habit of listening to podcasts at every spare moment: during exercise, walking the dogs, painting the house, getting ready for work, doing the dishes, feeding the animals. It’s gotten to the point where I’m uncomfortable doing these things without the iPod, as if I’m afraid of what pure silence might bring, or say. Or I’m afraid to lose this multi-tasking time. When else am I going to keep up with everything that’s going on in the vegan world, or with my workout guy, or Flylady? This month, I’m trying to take some time in the mornings to just be with my thoughts sans ear buds as I go about my morning routine, listening to whatever comes to mind. The animals are pretty quiet in the morning too, and hubby is not up yet, so we do our little rituals in mostly silence. It’s not easy, but also not as hard as I expected.

At the beginning of this month, I had started to meditate in the mornings. I was only committing to 10 minutes, because that seems like such an attainable goal. And the time does go by very quickly. But as I’ve lacked discipline with my getting to bed early habit, my mornings have suffered. Meditating and writing have been the casualties. So, I will continue to work on my sleep schedule, which means ending this post, maybe before I am ready to. Good night.

Like a capuchin monkey – recap 2010

Capuchin Monkey

Is the painting done yet?

Apparently, another year later, I’m still one of those annoying people who starts a blog and then rarely updates it. Significant events since November 2009:

  • Kicked my VegNet Bend volunteer efforts into high gear, becoming a key board member and helping to plan and lead group events. We’re doing a lot of vegan advocacy, and having fun.
  • Continued to thrive on a Vegan diet and consequently lost 15-20 lbs (and a lot of inches) over the last two years. I’m now back to approximately college weight/size, which is nice. And I’m very rarely sick, only my once a winter lung issues.
  • Got into a very regular workout routine. Jonathan (NoExcuses) is such a nice guy yet tough virtual coach – I recommend listening to his podcasts for inspiration and following his free program. Regular workouts helped to keep the weight down and keep me healthy. (I was working out before becoming vegan, but wasn’t yet seeing any weight loss, so I think nutrition has more to do with the weight loss than anything else. Yeah, I know they’re both important).
  • Did regular yoga for a long time. This summer my yoga teacher moved away to the Bay Area for new adventures (I’m so happy for her), and because I didn’t immediately click with the new teacher and the price went up significantly, I stopped going. I liked the ritual of yoga every Saturday morning and I feel that yoga helped me manage my stress levels and health. I really miss it and hope to figure out a way to fit it back into my life.
  • Survived a very rough fall and winter with a lot of personal drama.
  • My oldest friend in the world, my cat Connecticut, died February 13. She was nearly 16 years old and had been my constant companion through relationship changes, animal companion flux, and many moves since she was a pet store kitten. She is greatly missed.
  • Grieved hard for Connecticut, making myself ill again with Pneumonia/Bronchitis and a deep depression.
  • Dug myself out of the above.
  • Went from never seeing my hubby because he worked nights, to seeing him all the time (unemployed, like much of the rest of the country).
  • In April we had to put Big Kitty, originally meant to be a foster and always in slightly ill-health, to sleep.
  • Reluctantly got used to not seeing my step-kids and having a lot more free time on weekends (long stupid story, out of my control).
  • Went to Portland a bunch of times this summer after a few years away. Attended a bit of the Let Live Conference over my birthday weekend and all of Portland VegFest. VegFest was fantastic – excessive amounts of yummy vegan food both at the fest and at local vegan eateries like Blossoming Lotus, Bay Leaf, The Bye and Bye. And getting to stop by Food Fight and Herbivore on several different trips was definitely a highlight.
  • Got my cholesterol tested at VegFest – a great number. Go Vegan!
  • Started mountain biking with friends from yoga. A great group of ladies and very supportive. I definitely surprised myself with my guts a few times.
  • Started a vegetable garden after a year’s hiatus. Doubled the size of the beds from the previous attempt. The kale, beans, peas, carrots, and zucchini did great. Hope to plant a bigger variety next year and keep learning.
  • Stopped mountain biking to do gardening and paint the house during my weekend free time.
  • Finished painting the outside of our two-story house that I had started last year. Got my “tree legs” on the super tall ladder and then was scrambling up and down it like a Capuchin monkey.
  • Painted the two-story inside foyer of the house. Again, with the Capuchin. Unfortunately, the color is rather Twinkie like.
  • Got a radio show approved at KPOV, our local community radio station. Our first Powered by Plants (working title) show will air Dec 17. It will focus on vegan issues and my friend Judy and I from VegNet will be the hosts. Pretty excited about this.
  • Began volunteering with KPOV for practice being on the air leading up to the show. Have done a couple of pledge drive spots, some DJ mentoring, and interviewed two authors. I enjoy interviewing the authors and will probably continue to fill in with those when something especially interests me. Kind of a nice way to combine a love of literature, reading, nature, and animals. If I can’t write it, I can review it and give other people a way to share their ideas and creations.
  • Read a zillion books – nature/science, animal issues, people and animal memoirs, veganism, scifi, fiction…
  • Listened to hundreds of podcast episodes while painting, most of them vegan related, but also Jonathan’s, Flylady, Chaos Chronicles, The Moth
  • Met and worked with a lot of compassionate, creative, motivating, and interesting people.
  • Oh yeah, and that SharePoint thing.

Think that’s about it.