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Pre-digital and post-digital


Not gonna lie. Pretty stressed out over the last few days. Too many deadlines coalescing tomorrow.

But I managed to get a haircut and henna my hair today, in between working on my important documents. And to get gas for the drive tomorrow. And to pick up some vegan candies for throwing out to the workshop attendees for good questions.

I also found out, after two days of going back and forth with the registrar and the IT department at my old college, that I graduated too long ago for them to be able to generate an unofficial transcript—they claim it was “pre-digital.” Come on, we were using computers then—I worked in the Admissions office! And they’re not allowed to tell me what my GPA was. Or give me any information from it, in any form. {Like I can remember my GPA. I can see not revealing it to a third party, but to the party herself who can positively identify herself?} Anyway, all of the magical information will be revealed in an official transcript that I must order {and pay for}—presumably in digital format. So… Nice to see that my old college still has its act together.

Tonight I also snuck in two extra things that I didn’t have time for: part of an education symposium on new hybrid online / in person course technology, and a visit with a NW Veg friend from Portland. I love it when people from out of town find themselves in Bend for whatever reason (this time it was work)—and then look us up!