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Things that matter


It’s amazing the things that just don’t matter much when you don’t have cable TV—like The Superbowl, or The Academy Awards. The only reason they cross my radar might be a mention in passing on the internet, or a few less people showing up to the Vegan Pledge. We had our last meeting / potluck tonight and a very low turnout. But I believe that the people who made the effort to be there each week were meant to be there.

I used to make gentle (I hope) fun of a friend of mine because she didn’t have cable and seemed so oblivious and out of touch with current events. This was about ten years ago after the internet had become widespread, but before Hulu and Netflix. I liked the feeling of watching a show that a million other people were watching at the same time. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t have the need to be a part of it. I still like that feeling sometimes of being a part of the whole; Like being part of a crowd at a festival or parade. Or even in tragic events like those first few days and weeks after September 11 when you knew that everyone in the country, and much of the world, were thinking about the same thing at the same time. You’d make eye contact with perfect strangers and yet know pretty much what was on their mind. We were all in shock, and in mourning, and yet, it reminded us that we are all so much more the same, than not.

That day. I can’t imagine not having had cable that day. Without seeing it in real-time, how could we begin to understand? Radio could only take us so far. Although I did first hear about it on the radio, in my car. But still, the video, the planes hitting, again and again and again in endless replay. Did I need that? Today, with broadband internet, would we be glued to CNN still? Or would we be hopping all over the place, checking twitter, Facebook, news feeds? Always looking for that latest tidbit.

Things to ponder on a Sunday at bedtime.


Random from this week: Downton Abbey finale, bye bye bank, filing, Biggest Loser, quiet weekend ahead


Random from this week:

Downton Abbey finale: Good, but the happy ending with Mary & Matthew seemed somewhat contrived—even though it was what we all clearly wanted. I can’t believe we have to wait a year for season 3. How are we going to stay interested? Is this going to be like the Sopranos: So long between seasons that I just don’t care anymore by the time it comes around?

Opened credit union accounts last week, closed my bank accounts today. {Of course, I still have a credit card with the bank, so I can’t get rid of them completely—yet!} The bank guy who helped me seemed pretty defeated. With his job. And his life. It was weird, really. Hope he’s OK.

Spent the afternoon and evening filing papers while having my own personal Biggest Loser marathon. I’ve had so little personal time in the last month or so that isn’t filled up with kids and other busyness, that I’ve been very behind on my Hulu queue. {I haven’t gotten much reading done, either, which is sad.) I’m not really feeling BL this season, but I keep watching anyway.

I’ve been recreating my home office in the west section of the living room, and I finally brought one small filing cabinet down today. I can’t believe that I still have so much paper, when I have a perfectly good scanner. I think fear holds me back—“What if I need that original some day?” But, over the years I’ve gotten better. I definitely recycled way more paper than I filed today. Most of it needs shredded, though, which is a pain.

I hope to reinstall my laptop software this weekend. The only other things I have planned are yoga tomorrow morning, cardio of some sort on Sunday, and the last Vegan Pledge Sunday evening. It’s going to be a deliciously quiet weekend—the kids are at their mom’s.


Yoga plus Occupy the Music


Yoga this morning was great, it was a similar style class to the one I used to go to, Vinyasa Flow, so mostly it felt very familiar. It was super crowded, but I liked the instructor and will definitely take another class with her.

I spent part of the day getting some basic groceries, doing a bit of housework, prepping some materials for tomorrow’s Vegan Pledge, and setting up more of my new desk area. Last week, I decided to move my home office into one end of the living room, since my old home office is no longer available (is now a kid’s room). And I was getting very sick of the clutter crammed into the corner of the master bedroom.

It should work out fine for now as we don’t really use the living room much at the moment. (Weird how when you take the TV out, the focal point is gone, and it seems like there is really no reason to congregate there anymore. Plus, we have crappy furniture. If we ever got a real sofa and/or good quality reading chairs, it would be much more desirable to hang out there). We haven’t had cable for years, but we normally hook up a laptop to the big TV for Hulu & Netflix, etc. The  TV got moved up to the bedroom a few months ago and never left. So now we just congregate there instead—or everyone watches their own thing on their Kindle Fire.

Tonight, I went to Occupy the Music, a benefit concert put on by some friends of mine. I didn’t know what to expectand was pleasantly surprised at the talent there. I especially enjoyed E.T. and the Boy and David Rovics.

Non-night-owl sleep schedule, vegan pledge, wheat-berry mushroom soup


Not succeeding in getting to bed as early as I wanted to get the week started right. It just seems unnatural to go to bed by 10:00 p.m. And that’s only to get 8 hours! But I have to get my step-daughter to her new high school by 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. And then drop the twins off by 8:00. It’s been brutal. It will continue to be brutal. Maybe some day I’ll get used to it. Or not.

We held our 2nd week of Vegan Pledge today. It’s going great. Even though it sucks up the entire Sunday afternoon, I’m so glad we’re doing it, because we have so many people attending that are new to veganism!

I meant to tell you about this easy soup I came up with the other day. It hardly warrants an actual recipe, but I thought I’d let you know the key ingredients. I had a few cups of wheat berries left over from our CSA last fall. After rinsing them about 10 times (because they weren’t washed and had a lot of twigs and other debris in them), I put them in the crock pot overnight. I also added a handful of dried Shitake mushrooms from a good size jar of them that I’d picked up at Costco. That, plus a few spices, and I made an accidental creamy mushroom soup! I used the stick (immersion) blender to blend up about half of it at the end, and added a bit of almond milk to make it even creamier. If I make it again sometime, I’ll itemize ingredients.