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Out of hand


After a busy week of good {but stressful} distractions, which translated into several days mostly away from the computer {bad idea}, things are close to getting out of hand.

I realized yesterday that I have at least four major roles jobs right now: the radio show and other volunteer work, grad school, consulting work and looking for work, and managing the family finances, calendar, and spending time with the family. Not included in that: finding time for yoga and other exercise, finding time to just be, caring for and spending time with my animal family, and spending time with extended family and friends.

I’m not sure how to juggle it all over the next week, let alone the next 3 months. But if I can have a productive Monday through Thursday, I might just make it. Adding to everything this week: a veggie friend from out-of-town will be here for a few days teaching some courses and surely will want to hang out a little, and our SharePoint Saturday event is coming up soon (October 6), and the planning committee is actively firming things up for that.

Friday, the family leaves for our first trip together to Portland VegFest (my third year)! In a way, I wish we were just attending, but my co-host and I decided to have a table this year for All Things Vegan / VegNet Bend. We’re running out of time to do anything too interesting for that as far as giveaways, but we’ll figure out something and will have a good time doing it, I’m sure. I can’t wait to see everybody there.