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Routines and habits to the rescue


The weeks ahead may be rough. They must be endured; there is nothing to be done about it. Routines and habits will save me. Think I’ll check out zenhabits again—it’s been a long while.

But if I can set worry aside now and then, this will also be a time for introspection, dreaming, and scheming. And that {should be} a good thing.

Channeling my inner Flybaby


Today, I’ve been trying to channel my inner Flybaby by getting back into old Flylady routines that will not only help me, but our suddenly larger family. I found this great Daily Flying Chart at The Flylady Way—it’s a one-page visual checklist of daily Flylady reminders and routines. I love it. I printed three and put them all in plastic sleeves: one for me, and one for each of the twins. I introduced them to a morning and before bed routine and showed them how to check each thing off with a dry erase marker. Of course, I’m doing the same. {I’m also getting back into an exercise routineI really slacked off over the holidays!}

I’ve followed Flylady for many years now, including listening to her weekly podcasts. She helped me to get rid of a lot of clutter that I’d been carrying around for yearsactual things, but mental clutter too. The new website looks great: If you need to get organized, check out Flylady.net.

Here’s somebody who has combined Flying + Vegan: Vegan at Heart. Very cool.