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What I’m feeling today

Ruby: happy, hot

Ruby: happy, hot

Anxious · Guilty · Sad · Overwhelmed · Despairing · Needy

What I’m feeling today.

Imagine what I’d be like if I hadn’t done yoga 3 times this week!

I took Ruby to one of my favorite off-the-beaten-path parks today. This is what we walked along and stared at for about an hour. {Well, I stared; Ruby roamed restlessly at the end of the leash and wouldn’t lay down.}

Sawyer Park, Bend, Oregon

Sawyer Park, Bend, Oregon

Sawyer Park, Bend, Oregon - River tide pools

Sawyer Park, Bend, Oregon – Deschutes River tide pools

Long day. Zzzz.


Long day.

Took step-daughter to driver’s ed in the morning. Returned home, fed the animals, gave Ruby her antibiotic. Tried to leave. Went back in the house about 4 times for forgotten items.

Took the car to have the brakes looked at. Got a tiny bit of work done. Was strongly encouraged to get the brakes fixed without driving the car anywhere else. Was told I’d have to wait 5.5 hours. Arranged for step-daughter’s friend’s mom to pick up step-daughter and friend from Driver’s Ed.

Walked several blocks to a bagel shop wearing my heavy computer backpack and flip-flops. Ordered a vegan bagel sandwich. Tried to pay for it, only to find out they don’t take debit cards. Walked several more blocks wearing my heavy computer backpack and flip-flops,and got cash out of a credit union ATM. Walked several blocks back to the bagel place. Purchased and ate the bagel sandwich. {It was good—they had Tofutti!} Sent a few emails.

Walked several blocks to Starbucks wearing my heavy computer backpack and flip-flops. Worked there for a few hours. Step-daughter, her friend, and her friend’s mom met me at Starbucks and gave me a ride back to the car place so step-daughter could get her stuff out of the car for a sleepover.  

{The car was done early! And under quote!}

Ran a few errands, tested the brakes. Got a new phone, switched carriers. Missed a marketing get-together at a pub. Showed up at the studio at 6p just in time to make my regular Thursday appointment with my co-host. Went to pick up a vegan Pizza Mondo pizza for the two of us {best pizza in town}. Drove around for 10 minutes without finding a parking spot. Parked back at the station. Walked to the pizza place in my flip-flops, got the pizza, walked back. Worked at the station until after 10.

Came home, was hoping to wind down. Had the kids take out the trash. Couldn’t find the dog’s antibiotics. Looked everywhere. Finally went out to the garage, put rubber gloves on, and had my step-daughter help me look through copious amounts of kitchen waste, one item at a time. After removing all trash, examining it, and putting about half of it back, my step-daughter found the antibiotics. Cleaned up. Gave Ruby her antibiotic.

Wrote blog post.


Mellower than Saturday


Thankfully, Sunday was mellower than Saturday. I slept wayyy in, cleaned the master bedroom, read some of Zoe Weil’s Above All, Be Kind and put together an intro and some questions for Zoe, who we’re interviewing tomorrow morning. I also reviewed some songs that we might feature on All Things Vegan.

Other than that, we had an impressive thunderstorm. Exactly what Ruby didn’t need today. We thought maybe her pain meds would dull her normal anxiety about thunderstorms—we even gave her a little extra (within the OK range from the vet)—and she still freaked out and spent much of the evening squashed under the desk in the closet. Poor little nut.

Later this evening, we turned on the Mars Curiosity coverage and have left it on. If it lands around when they think, I may still be up. But I have to get up at the crack of dawn for the ATV interview, so if there are issues, I may not.

In spite of this, the day flew by: I’m not sure where the last 11 hours have gone!

The hound is back!


The hound is back! Ruby has had quite a day, but is recovering nicely. We took her in for her “laceration repair” this morning and since she was being kind of cranky about it, they mentioned they’d probably need to sedate her for the procedure. So, I roped them into doing a dental at the same time, because she was way {years!} overdue and it doesn’t make sense to subject a 12-year-old dog {or any dog} to anesthesia more than necessary. And, of course, it saved money to lump the two procedures together. {Not that we needed yet another bill right now, but it couldn’t be helped.} We didn’t get our regular vet because he happened to have swapped shifts today, but everything went well with the other vet and techs.

It turns out the cut wasn’t deep, but it was jagged and definitely needed to be cleaned up and sutured. I’m surprised at how messy it is now—the initial wound barely bled, but the sutured wound bled a lot and continues to weep; they had to insert a couple of temporary drains which come out in a few days. Staples come out in 10 days. And her teeth look great; she had a few minor teeth removed, but for not having a dental for many years, I think she lucked out. And they also caught up her nails for me, which, frankly, I was embarrassed about. I had let them get way too long recently, since she’s been more and more impatient with getting her nails trimmed over the last few years. Lastly, her blood-work looks pretty darn good for her age.

She’s obviously in a lot of discomfort, and is cracked out on pain meds, but she’ll be OK. She’s able to walk around, if a bit unsteadily, and can even manage the stairs, which is great – because carrying her 60 pounds up and down without hurting her might have been a bit awkward. I think as a result of this unfortunate accident, that in a few days she’s going to be feeling better than she has in years. I hope, so anyway.

So I spent the day driving Ruby to the vet and back, and my step-son to the pool for the afternoon. He observed and assisted as we cleaned the wound last night, and came with me to the vet this morning, so that was a productive experience for him as he feels pretty awful about accidentally hurting Ruby.

The rest of the day I laid low and tried to de-stress from the worry over Ruby: finished a novel, made food, did some editing for the show, watered the lawns, that’s about it.