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Back to school fruit and veggies. {Too bad these will be gone in a couple of days!}

Back to school fruits and veggies. {Too bad these will be gone in a couple of days!}

Today: Last day to sleep in, last-minute haircut for one of the kids, last-minute school lunch shopping, a little bit of work on the radio show, my web design/dev user group (we talked about Adobe’s Creative Cloud), and I’m home.

It’s practically time for bed already, if I’m going to get back into a schedule more aligned with the kids and be able to get them up and to their school at what feels like the crack of dawn. Hubby and I will be staggering mornings this year, which will help. I think. Don’t know if it’s helpful to have to be up and functioning super early some days, or every day. Sigh.

One benefit—I came home from the user group and the house is totally silent—everybody’s already in bed! This would be a great time to get some studying or work done for a few hours, if not for the aforementioned kid school situation.

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Long day. I guess for some people this was a holiday.

Started with a Google hangout chat with one of my grad program instructors. It was great to talk with her “in person,” since the course is all online.

Then somehow the entire middle of the day got sucked into family-prep-for-school stuff {school starts Wednesday for the middle-schoolers, Thursday for the high-schooler}. Getting things on the calendar, talking about what’s coming up in the next few weeks, etc.

Finally, late this evening and into tonight I was able to play a little more with Pagelines, a WordPress software I’ve been wanting to learn. I’ve just scratched the surface, but I think it clicks for me and I’ll be able to do some good stuff with it. Build out some new sites, improve some old ones.



Whew!  Juggling a lot of stuff this week.

I got some things clarified with financial aid yesterday and also was able to login to both of my grad courses for the first time. This all online program is kind of using old-school technology—Blackboard, for the most part—which is pretty common in university systems. Having spent the last 6 years working with much more flexible and responsive collaboration software {SharePoint}, I’m finding it a little cumbersome. But it will do—it has a basic discussion forum and they are going to add in some Google hangouts periodically. I’ve been starting to read books that are available at the library (it will be a while before I get any financial aid money back), and watching the required videos for the many “film fests.” I’m enjoying it so far.

This afternoon, I also worked on our show notes for last Tuesday’s show, but still didn’t have time to finish them. Hopefully tomorrow. Late afternoon, we went to a school get-together for the twins, a sort of meet and greet and ramping up for when school starts next week. {Already?!} Then I got dropped at the station and my partner in crime and I worked on an application for a sustainability award through our local environmental center. Due date = tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll be getting it in, if at the last minute. {In our defense, we only found out about it last week.}

There are also a bunch of consulting/training things which are falling through the cracks, and desperately need attention next week.

So tired, but the weekend is nearly here. 

Another teen driver on the road, Mondays, and waiting {not so patiently}


My 16-year-old step-daughter got her license today! We now have 3 drivers and still only one car. Should get interesting.

I tried to make Monday a really productive day again, I really did. And I was cruising, for a while. But sometimes I just get so deflated by negative people. Makes me feel so on my own sometimes. And then I start thinking, why am I bothering to work so hard, what’s the point?

Also, I’m getting a little impatient with the graduate school: They are taking their sweet time in accepting me and letting me register for classes. I called this morning and was getting the run-around—financial aid said they were ready and waiting for admissions—admissions said I’m in (oh, you didn’t get an email saying we accepted you? Well, congratulations, you’re accepted), and that they’d have my advisor contact me to help me register for classes. I got the email copying the advisor and then heard nothing else the entire day. Sigh. Classes started last Tuesday, so I’m more than a little eager to get going.


Relatively unscathed


I can’t believe I made it through the week, and relatively unscathed! I’m exhausted though, and can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow.

The workshop got good feedback. It feels good when small things go right for a change, and it’s because you’ve worked hard to make it happen instead of being dependent on somebody else. 

The grad school app got submitted on time, the references are in, and the FAFSA has been submitted. Not bad for only learning about the program a few weeks ago. School technically starts on Tuesday, but it will be the end of the week or later before I know for sure if I’m in and my loan is approved.

Meanwhile, it’s still 85 degrees in here at nearly midnight, which is a bit much.

Here are some early morning photos from our sleep outside during the meteor shower:

Early morning Moon with Jupiter

Early morning Moon with Jupiter

Sunrise with Moon and Jupiter

Sunrise with Moon and Jupiter

Putting a dent


Finally put a dent today in the mounds of paperwork and bills either created or neglected in the last few weeks: School stuff of all sorts for three kids, doctors, insurance papers, unopened mail, etc. Having the kids here and getting them settled has taken up a lot of time. (Not to mention gas—yikes!)

Today we got my eldest step-daughter registered at her new high school. Luckily, there was no school, but teachers were there grading finals, so she got to wander all over with her schedule, find her classrooms, and speak with many of her new teachers. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to make her feel more comfortable. Which is great, because I was worried that everyone would be too matter-of-fact in this busy working-class high school.

After, at Costco, we picked her up a cool insulated lunch tote that looks like a purse (for far less than this person is trying to sell on eBay). There is so much fun lunch stuff now. This tomato lunch tote is cool, although somewhat impractical. I also want this panda one-compartment bento box for myself. 

We then got our hair cut at the local beauty training school for ridiculously cheap. My hair turned out great. I’m as happy with this $9 haircut as I’ve ever been with previous $40 or $60 ones. Maybe I can get my hair cut more than once or twice a year this way.

Vegan school lunch tomorrow: Egg-less egg salad


Today, I slept way in with hubby, Ruby the greyhound who likes to snuggle (but also push on everybody with her legs), and three rotating cats. Love it.

Spent the afternoon doing the weekly home blessing and a little extra deep cleaning to really get a good start on the week. The twins helped me finish it up when they came home. They also helped me cut up brown and red potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, carrot, and celery for our typical winter dutch oven dish. It’s still in the oven, but nearly done. The only thing it’s lacking is Field Roast sausage (because we’re out) but it’s still going to be yummy.

I also made up some egg-less egg salad based on the Better-Than-Egg-Salad recipe from The 30-Day Vegan Challenge, so the kids can take it for lunch tomorrow. (Check out compassionatecook.com for info on all of Colleen’s books, her great podcast, sample recipes, etc.) It’s only the twins’ 3rd week of school here, and we’re going to be experimenting for a while with different things to keep school lunches interesting. Right now, they don’t have any way of heating up their lunch at school (no microwave access) so we’re not able to send hot things. But, I will be on the lookout for a good deal on some lunch thermos-y things, which I know are out there.

Our modified recipe includes:

  • extra-firm tofu {Trader Joe’s}
  • egg-less mayonnaise {we are using up a jar of Earth Balance MindfulMayo, but I personally prefer the taste of Vegenaise}
  • onion
  • carrots
  • celery
  • dried parsley
  • pickle relish or chopped pickles {we chopped up some baby dills}
  • mustard
  • turmeric
  • salt and black pepper
  • smoked paprika
  • a few pinches of Kala Namak
  • pinch of dulse flakes

It turned out pretty good—the Kala Namak really helps here. And I think the flavors will meld together overnight and be even better in the morning. Next time, I’d also like to try the curried version (add apple, raisins, nuts, curry powder, etc.), or the Best-Ever Tofu “Egg” Salad recipe from Big Vegan, which uses baked tofu crumbles and a silken tofu “mayonnaise.”

Now, to watch some Season 2 Downton Abbey!