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Mellow birthday


Mellow birthday ~

Slept in. Read a clever Matthew Hughes story about thieves and wizards from Fantasy & SciFi Mag, a disturbing Robert Reed sci-fi story from the Robots anthology, an enjoyable short story by Lucia Perillo (hey, I can give a different short story genre a chance), and then half of Paris, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down, by Rosecrans Baldwin. That one had me laughing out loud many times, a welcome diversion. Maybe it’s because I too was once that person working in a foreign country not being able to understand a damn thing anyone said for the first several weeks (I was in Madrid, he was in Paris. I was an au pair, he had an actual job—the comparison ends there).

This evening we managed to go out to dinner as a family to our favorite haunt with all the vegan options. Here’s a pic of my birthday dessert {Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto with Jem Chocolate’s warm Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce}. And when we got home, we had my favorite—carrot cake made by my step-daughter. It was incredible.

Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto

Bonta Vegan Chocolate Sorbetto (Broken Top Bottle Shop)

But will there be robots?

Fantasy & Science Fiction, July / August 2012

But will there be robots?

Funny that this showed up on my Kindle today—I looked for it last night and it wasn’t there yet. Stories by:

~ Kate Wilhelm
~ Matthew Hughes
~ Matthew Johnson
~ Rachel Pollack
~ Albert E. Cowdrey
~ Eleanor Arnason
~ Jeffrey Ford
~ Michaele Jordan
~ Ken Liu

On my reading list… Robots!

Robots: The Recent A.I.

Robots: The Recent A.I. edited by Rich Horton & Sean Wallace

There’s nothing like some extra sci-fi stories to keep me going between Fantasy & Science Fiction editions.

Funny, I see a short story anthology and I sigh, even if it’s by an author whose novels I love.

But there’s something about sci-fi short stories that just clicks with me.


Hunger Games, naps, feeling old, job apps, and draw something


I wish I was at The Hunger Games right now. I got into the series a while back when my yoga-librarian-book club friends were reading them. Then recently, with all the hype, the kids started reading them. We’re all really looking forward to the movie; I would have loved to be the first to take the kids. But I’m still not feeling that hot and standing out in the cold somewhere for hours, when it’s a school night for the kids, did not sound very enticing. So, I’m sure they’ll go see it this weekend at their mom’s and I’ll just have to be content to see it on the 2nd go-around. I feel old.

Today, I had a nap in the morning after dropping the kids off {this is getting old, and again with the feeling old}, and then submitted another job app this afternoon. This evening, I met my co-host at the studio to work on cutting a very wordy but interesting interview that is way too long. After all of this time, it’s still hard to cut good content, even when it makes a tighter interview!

I also downloaded this new game, Draw Something, on my Kindle Fire. ‘Cause I’m trendy like that. {Not an early adopter though, as apparently the game has been out for 6 weeks already.} Since I can’t draw, I imagine I will suck at the game. But there’s only one way to find out.