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Yeah, eating with omnis


I just got back from the SharePoint Saturday speaker’s dinner. I’m not actually speaking this year, but I got to because I’m one of the organizers. It was good to meet a handful of new people. Dinner was a nice salad, a completely uninspired and practically unseasoned vegetable pasta dish, and sweet potato fries with an ungodly amount of salt on them—but I knew Greg’s Grill would be like that. They just don’t go out of their way to cater to vegans—their thing is steaks. And we get to go back there tomorrow for SharePint. Rats. I really pulled hard for Broken Top Bottle Shop, which was much better in a variety of ways—location, food, beer, atmosphere, staff—but my co-organizers just wouldn’t go for it.

This was the first time in a long time that I have eaten dinner with non vegans. I had to consciously look away from their slabs of used-to-be cow and try to not to think A. How gross, and B. How sad it is that they’re blithely eating the body of a smart, conscious creature who was tortured and then killed, merely for a taste preference—and one that is grossly unhealthy for you at that. These are otherwise smart people, and I used to be one of them, so I try not to be too hard on them. I did wear my “Wings are for flying, not frying” shirt as a sort of passive protest. But I doubt anyone even noticed, or cared. The whole thing is frustrating and now I’m bummed out.

At least tomorrow there will be vegan options all day long, because I was in charge of catering. Ha! If I were really brave, I would have ordered all vegan food.

Makes me think of this Op-ed I read recently that highlights how lonely veganism can be sometimes.

Try to imagine what it feels like to be a part of a very small minority that shares common values. When I tell people I’m vegan they look at me as though I’d just landed from Mars, roll their eyes as though I had done something wrong and look at me as if I’m judging them – as if the ideological choice is about them and not the animals. Being vegan means that sometimes you feel lonely even among close friends and family. There is a huge ideological gap between you and almost the entire world around you. The worst is when an argument about morals begins.

As a lawyer and lecturer I’m used to arguments, but this is not just an argument, it is a repressed war. And when it rears its head, even for a moment, it is very painful and reminds me of how separated I am, ideologically, from most everyone else. I sit next to those closest to me while they are eating meat and I do what I used to do back when I also ate meat: Repress my emotions. Imagine that you are the only one at the table who believes in this very important value, and that value is being eaten at that same table. All I can do is look at my loved ones and remember that they too have morals. A person can eat meat and contribute to the world in a thousands different ways: Charity, generosity, love (for animals as well), integrity, compassion. There are so many good people in the world.

And then I look at myself and think: ‘You’re no saint either.’ Vegans hurt animals in so many ways, unintentionally. And what is it that I am really doing for the animals? Close to nothing; a monthly donation to animal welfare organizations and veganism. When I walk past a chicken coop, a cowshed or a stray dog I remember how meager my contribution to animal welfare really is. Veganism merely reduces the harm I am causing to the animal world.



First of all: teenage boys and athletes foot. Ew!

Today was a hodgepodge. Also the 3rd time I’ve used that word in this blog—the last time less than a month ago. Do these words make me look old?!

hodgepodge (n.) Look up hodgepodge at Dictionary.comalso hodge podge, hodge-podge, early 15c., hogpoch, alteration of hotchpotch (late 14c.) “a kind of stew,” especially “one made with goose, herbs, spices, wine, and other ingredients,” earlier an Anglo-French legal term (late 13c.) meaning “collection of property in a common ‘pot’ before dividing it equally,” from O.Fr. hochepot “stew, soup,” first element from hocher “to shake,” from a Germanic source (cf. M.H.G. hotzen “shake”).


  • Drove the twins to school
  • Had a great Google Hangout with one of my Humane Ed professors
  • Worked on the agenda handouts for SharePoint Saturday
  • Missed a middle school volleyball game to keep an eye on our 14-year-old pug Bubba, who is not feeling so hot and is possibly not long for this world. {I’ve been carrying him up and down the stairs and to and from the backyard for a few days now, because he can’t see anymore, he’s very confused, and he’s too weak to get around.}
  • Hung out with my older step-daughter after school
  • Watched a video and read {a little} for school
  • Did not get outside
  • Did not do yoga (last yoga = Sunday)

Tomorrow kicks off a very long weekend of SharePoint Saturday events. Judging from last year, it will be both fun and exhausting.

Relatively unscathed


I can’t believe I made it through the week, and relatively unscathed! I’m exhausted though, and can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow.

The workshop got good feedback. It feels good when small things go right for a change, and it’s because you’ve worked hard to make it happen instead of being dependent on somebody else. 

The grad school app got submitted on time, the references are in, and the FAFSA has been submitted. Not bad for only learning about the program a few weeks ago. School technically starts on Tuesday, but it will be the end of the week or later before I know for sure if I’m in and my loan is approved.

Meanwhile, it’s still 85 degrees in here at nearly midnight, which is a bit much.

Here are some early morning photos from our sleep outside during the meteor shower:

Early morning Moon with Jupiter

Early morning Moon with Jupiter

Sunrise with Moon and Jupiter

Sunrise with Moon and Jupiter

Pre-digital and post-digital


Not gonna lie. Pretty stressed out over the last few days. Too many deadlines coalescing tomorrow.

But I managed to get a haircut and henna my hair today, in between working on my important documents. And to get gas for the drive tomorrow. And to pick up some vegan candies for throwing out to the workshop attendees for good questions.

I also found out, after two days of going back and forth with the registrar and the IT department at my old college, that I graduated too long ago for them to be able to generate an unofficial transcript—they claim it was “pre-digital.” Come on, we were using computers then—I worked in the Admissions office! And they’re not allowed to tell me what my GPA was. Or give me any information from it, in any form. {Like I can remember my GPA. I can see not revealing it to a third party, but to the party herself who can positively identify herself?} Anyway, all of the magical information will be revealed in an official transcript that I must order {and pay for}—presumably in digital format. So… Nice to see that my old college still has its act together.

Tonight I also snuck in two extra things that I didn’t have time for: part of an education symposium on new hybrid online / in person course technology, and a visit with a NW Veg friend from Portland. I love it when people from out of town find themselves in Bend for whatever reason (this time it was work)—and then look us up!

Too much screen time


Way too much screen time today, especially for a beautiful Saturday. A shame.

But we got Tuesday’s show completely done and uploaded, and I pretty much finished the show notes as well, excepting those few things that can’t be updated ahead of time. What really sucks is that the show was done by 11:15 this morning, but  I had to go back to the studio tonight to re-record two short segments, because I mispronounced somebody’s name and only this afternoon thought to ask. You’d think in over a year-and-a-half that I would have learned to find these things out ahead of time!

Anyway, after finishing the show (I thought) and picking up a couple of vegan donuts for the hubs and I, and finishing the show notes, I did finally get to some of my SharePoint training prep. Much more of that to do tomorrow, though. Hubs spent the day photographing his friends longboarding, which, frankly, sounds much more inviting than my day.

I was so exhausted, I fell asleep in the tub. Thank the gods that I put down my library book—it wouldn’t be the first one that I drowned.

I want to stay up and look for meteors. Really. I went out around 11:30 tonight, but didn’t see any. Too much suburban light, probably. But I have somebody coming to the house at noon tomorrow. And I really need the sleep.

Sweet Ruby is healing up nicely. She got her tubes out the other day, has been off pain pills for a few days, is done with her antibiotics, and is able to be unsupervised without her track muzzle (they wanted us to be sure to keep her from messing with the stitches). And she’s in much better spirits: Wagging her tail, following us up and down the stairs, having a good appetite. When those stitches come out, she’s going to be feeling great.