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Inspired and tired


Long user group / training day. I spent all afternoon at my SharePoint User Group {where I had a Black Butte Porter, since it was held at Deschutes Brewery, and a ton of kalamata olives and bread, since those were the only vegan items}, then I popped into WordPress and Beer for a ½ hour {where I didn’t have a beer, but I did have a lavender/chocolate/blueberry tea that I love from a local coffee shop}, followed by a special training at the station on a mac audio editing and recording software. 7 hours later, I return; inspired and tired; peopled out.


Anti-procrastination Monday


Today, instead of anti-procrastination Wednesday (Flylady), I had an anti-procrastination Monday. Still didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted, but I did pretty good:

  • Got the twins all registered for this session’s extra curricular activities: Track, Rock Band, Choir, Spanish. {2 forms, 3 conversations in addition to discussing with the twins.} Scholarships plus volunteering will pay for these.
  • Posted some social media about Wednesday’s SharePoint user group meeting.
  • Called to get a request in for a VegNet booth for Earth Day.
  • Set up a radio interview, including prepping questions.
  • Talked to the station about underwriting, then talked to a natural products company that wants to sponsor our radio show. Connected the two.
  • Went to my first yoga class in several weeks. {Restorative, because I didn’t know how much I could handle after being sick and with the asthma issues I’m having: I did fine.}
  • Did more news research for the show.
  • Set up a time for a job interview later in the week (Woot!)
  • Purchased, downloaded, and installed tax software.

Check ✔

  • Huge work project 99% done that just sucked a week out of my life ✔ 
  • Showered  {hey, I’ve hardly left the home office for a week, give me a break}
  • NaNoWriMo started ✔ 
  • Keeping up with my fitness goals ✔ {I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s too cold/slippery for Pilot Butte}
  • Most of Fantasy & Science Fiction mag Nov/Dec issue already read ✔ 
  • Survived letting my 15-year-old step-daughter drive me home from the store this weekend  {It was surprisingly non-scary}
  • Peanut butter-banana-cocoa-avocado-spinach smoothie consumed  {OK, maybe not the best smoothie combo ever} 
  • Crockpot soup started for tomorrow ✔ 
  • Fireplace turned on for the winter ✔ 
  • Going to bed at a reasonable hour … uh

My Weekneverend


Well, there’s a weekend of my life I’m never getting back. We finally got the SharePoint/.NET apps up and stabilized after 5 very long days. Hopefully all goes well with the live site tomorrow.

Super super bummed that I didn’t get to take the kids anywhere in their costumes. They’ll be going back home tomorrow and will get to celebrate their first Halloween ever handing out candy at their house, and will wear their costumes for that, but I really wanted to take them somewhere here in Bend. Sigh.

Typical week: vegan food, tabling, protest, radio show, work


My VeganMoFo hasn’t been very exciting yet. I did finally make a fennel top pesto Sunday and also a tempeh pâté from The 30-Day Vegan Challenge. They both tasted in the not-bad category, but the photos did not turn out well (nondescript green, all-around). Unfortunately, I then got sick Sunday night and subsequently decided that everything in my fridge added or created during the weekend grossed me out. Does that ever happen to you?

Tonight, I was short on time, but after making a quick dinner from frozen veggie potstickers, rice, and a few fresh greens from the CSA basket, I had a sweet/chocolate craving and whipped up another small chocolate cake. Which hubby is already trying to bust into while it’s cooling. I won’t be able to resist much longer either. The great thing about this cake, is that it’s not really that sweet tasting, but it is satisfying.

Had a college tabling event for VegNet (World Farm Animal’s Day / World Vegetarian Day) and a protest against the killing of Oregon’s wolves this week, both during lunch hours. Have been working on next week’s radio show in the evenings, SharePointing during the work days. Not much else going on.

Our SharePoint Saturday is over and it went very well!


Our SharePoint Saturday is over and it went very well! We lost a couple of speakers in the last week due to illness, and our keynote speaker cancelled today due to a family emergency, but those things were minor overall. We had decent attendance for Bend and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves and getting a lot out of the day. My presentation went fine {I think}. It was hard to gauge because even though I got questions during the presentation, nobody had any feedback at the end. One of my branding css demos didn’t work correctly, which is always a risk, but I had a backup one that I had completed earlier and was able to show them an example of what it would have looked like. Even though it added a lot of stress over last few days, I’m glad I decided to present to both get back on the horse, so to speak, and also to say I spoke at the first SharePoint Saturday event in Oregon. I met a lot of very nice, creative, and enthusiastic people, which reminds me of why I like to go to events like these. I sure wish I was joining them in Anaheim next week for the big SharePoint Conference.

And I can’t start VeganMoFo without mentioning that the food I coordinated for the day turned out great, too. The food service head really listened to me and provided great vegan options for the entire day, including soy milk for coffee and tea,  bagels and peanut butter, vegan Clif and granola bars, fruit, and grilled veggie wraps with yummy cold noodle salad in the box lunches. I brought home some of the vegan leftover boxes for the family and dropped off the remaining leftover box lunches (about 10-15?) at the homeless shelter, so that no food would be wasted. They were happy to have it, so I hope it does really get used.

I’m short on sleep, exhausted, and socialized out. Time to wind down and hang out with the fam-dam a little.

SharePoint Saturday prep, New pizza peel, and Wow: the new Kindles


Tons to do tomorrow in prep for SharePoint Saturday, so need to get to bed soon.

Tonight I used my new pizza peel with a free-form loaf of bread—and it worked great! The handle really makes it easier to get the dough off without getting my hands too close to the inside of the hot oven. I’ve slowly been building up my bread making supplies. First I started with a baking stone, then when that one cracked in half, I had to wait to buy another one, and finally I picked up an inexpensive wooden pizza peel at World Market the other day. Up until this point I’ve been putting bread or pizza on a cutting board—and it hasn’t always been easy to get the dough off and onto the baking stone. In fact, I had some epic fails with the last couple of pizzas I made with the kids, which promptly turned into calzones because the dough stuck so badly. Now I can’t wait to try another pizza. The last item I’ve been waiting to get is an oven thermometer. I’ve pretty much figured out by now what temp to put the oven at for bread, and about how long to leave the bread in, but it would be nice to see how accurate the oven is when trying out new recipes. That won’t help when the humidity changes (which I think really threw me off mid summer—even though we live in the high desert, there is definitely some variation), but it will be a start.

Also, wow, the new Kindles look awesome. I wonder how the Fire compares to the Nook? I think the Nook is essentially an Android tablet, whereas the Fire probably is proprietary. But it looks fantastic and is at such a great price. Hmm…