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An April Fool’s sucker, incredibly shrinking kids, sleepovers and anxious animals


It might be a good idea for me to get off the internet for the day, as I’ve already found myself momentarily sucked into an early morning April Fool’s joke. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do anything like that to you: I’m too boring to come up with April first fun.

Today was a fairly lazy Saturday. I slept in late, made a tofu scramble, and dropped the twins off at the pool for a few hours. Then I took my incredibly shrinking step-son to get some smaller pants. Vegan diet + growth spurt = 11-year-old butt crack and pants that were quite literally falling off. Not a pretty site. After that, I met with a couple of VegNet buddies to do some event planning. And then, we had the 3rd new kid this week spend the night. Sleepovers are fun and great for the kids and all, but I’m really looking forward to things getting back to normal next week. Some of the animals feel the same way, I’m sure. Poor little Isis has been a nervous wreck. Gordy is also not feeling well, and I’m wondering if part of it has to do with him being sensitive to all of the new people coming in and out (he’s always been a skittish cat). Maybe it explains why the greyhound is farting up a storm as well, which is very unusual for her. But seriously, she likes kids, so I doubt that’s it. I wonder if the kids accidentally fed her cat food for dinner or something. Or maybe somebody didn’t want the rest of their bean soup…