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Moon/venus/jupiter trifecta caused funk? And speaking of funky, the worm bin is a bit ripe


Went to bed early, but still woke up 3 or 4 times this morning to look at the moon/venus/jupiter trifecta. Made for a weird sleep night, but I couldn’t help it.

Today, a funk. I just feel off. Ever have those days?

And speaking of funky… The worm bin is starting to smell a wee bit in the warm garage. Any suggestions? Am I giving them too much food and they can’t keep up? Last I looked, the worms were alive and going to town. Smells like, well, rotting veggies. Is this normal?

Getting sleep where I can get it, lungs, and yoga


4.5 hours sleep. I rolled out of bed, grogged some clothes on, swallowed some English Breakfast tea and some uninspired toast, and dropped the kids off at school. Less than 45 long minutes later I was home. Fed the animals so they wouldn’t harass me. Then slept for 3.5 hours.

Last night I had to use my inhaler for the first time this winter. My throat and lungs feel hashed. The rest of the family is starting to feel it too. But tonight my oldest step-daughter and I went to yoga anyway, while the twins swam. It kicked my ass, in a very good way. Tomorrow may need to be a complete day of rest, though. Which kinds of sucks, because I have two job applications to work on—one of which has Friday for a deadline, and for which I’m probably going to have to retool my resume and provide a portfolio of sorts. Plus I have show notes to do, work for the next show to start on, some WordPress research to do for next week’s user group presentation, and prep for some potential consulting work. The list goes on.

I’m unemployed—and {thankfully} I’m a busy girl.

Sleep wanted, plus return of Fantasy and Sci Fi mag


Argh! I can’t get caught up on my sleep. This is getting annoying. It’s not insomnia—I’m just not able to get to bed early enough for super early morning meetings, plus I’m not really caught up from last week and my Portland weekend.

I’m going to go try to read a bit of the latest issue (Kindle version) of my old favorite mag, Fantasy and Science Fiction. I’ve gotten the print version off and on (mostly on) for years. But I let my subscription lapse over the last year or so—looks like I’m missing the last four bi-monthly issues. Cool that they finally offer a digital version through Amazon.com, although if I could, I’d continue to get the print one as well for my collection. Alas, the cover artwork is not quite the same in black and white. And the print edition is a nice compact, lightweight size that is easy to throw in a bag or read in the bath. But who knows, I might prefer reading it this way.