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Slipping slippin slippi slipp slip sli sl s


Time is whizzing by these days. Every day, every week, every two weeks passes in the blink of an eye.

Once again, I was out late at the station finishing a show at the last-minute with my co-host. Feels like another good one. Hope people are keeping interested—it’s hard to tell as we don’t really get a lot of feedback, especially locally. Anyway, you should see show notes up in a few days.

I’m taking tomorrow (June 26) off. Off from what, I’m not sure, but traditionally I take my birthday off and dammit, this is going to be no exception, job or no job. Off from consulting, potential consulting, training, stressing about finding work, bills, kid scheduling, online this or that, or the radio show. So there. {I’ll probably still blog something, though. Because I wouldn’t want to break my year-and-a-half daily blogging streak, now would I?}

I plan to henna my hair (got a cheap-o haircut today at the beauty school) and read sci-fi stories all day.