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I can hear it snow


Sitting here in my home office {aka, the living room}, I can hear it snow. That can’t be right. Is it raining ice crystals? Hailing? Windy plus snowy? I can’t see much out the window, so I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Today I got the stray calico spayed by BendSNIP {yes, she’s still in my bathroom}. She seems to have come through fine and has been jumping all over when I visit her, even though I wish she’d be still.

I also got my laptop backed up and Windows 7 reinstalled {finally}. Just barely got it done and then took it tonight to Install-fest, pre-cursor to the RailsBridge workshop, a free intro to Ruby on Rails workshop {part of Ruby on Ales}. It will be fun, because I know next to nothing about Ruby, and since I’m not a developer, it will be a good challenge. We got a lot of stuff installed tonight. I have little idea what I did, but I did it, and it seems to “work.” I’m sure tomorrow it will all become clear.

I also snuck in an interview at the station tonight, in-between the cat and the Install-fest. That, plus dropping the kids off this morning, treadmill at the gym, and talking with a client, made for a full day.

Another beautiful snowstorm set the tone for the day


Woke up to yet another beautiful snowstorm. I really do love snow, even though I don’t get out to play in it much. This time, the kids were here to enjoy it, even though they were bummed that it wasn’t a snow day. It was a slow ride to school—we were 20+ minutes late by the time I got the twins across town—but my step-son was only late to guitar practice, not school itself. Then I hung out with an English Breakfast tea at a restaurant/cafe I hadn’t been to for a while, killing a little time before yoga. I was uncharacteristically calm and content much of today—before and after yoga. It was nice.

The day still slipped away too quickly. I was trying to get my laptop backed up and re-installed, as I’ve been having some issues for a while. I really wanted to get it done today, but I still haven’t even finished backing up everything. I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something important—like last year’s tax files, or a key document that I may need to reference—or that I won’t be able to reinstall a piece of software because I won’t be able to locate the download, or the serial number.

I went out for a while in the late afternoon to shovel the driveway. This evening, I took the girls to Walmart. Not my favorite place, but we had some gift cards and if we’re going to have this late winter, the kids need stuff like snow boots so they can play in the snow, walk home from school, or go on snow-shoe outings. A few weeks ago we got the twins snow pants, mittens/gloves, thermal underwear, and hats. But my older step-daughter also needed specific items like black pants and shoes for choir. They already get a lot of help with clothes from their mom, but this is stuff kind of specific to our climate and our schools, I guess. Anyway, we’re stocked up now. I even got some new snow boots, which is nice, since my old ones leak.

Woke up today to a beautiful snowstorm


I woke up today to a brilliant white landscape and snow still quietly falling. Several fluffy inches had gathered and continued to fall on the drive to yoga, and throughout yoga class. After the snow, the sky became a soft clear blue for a while. The sun came out; Most of the snow melted. I didn’t even get out to shovel the driveway—it melted mostly clear— and some neighbor(s) had beaten us to the sidewalks. Snow has been elusive this winter. Comes in all dramatic, but slips out the back door as soon as it can.

Wait, we’re not done yet? Snow!


Wait, we’re not done yet?

“Major Winter Storm from Pacific Northwest to the Northern Rockies 

Late Tuesday night through Wednesday, a strong low-pressure system with copious amounts of moisture will approach the Northwest coast. This will set the stage for a major winter storm across the lower elevations and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Travel could become dangerous or impossible in the cities listed below, just to name a few.”

Cities in the winter storm threat zone: Seattle | Olympia | Bellingham | Portland/Vancouver |”

“Since Sunday, snow showers have been falling off and on across the lower elevations of the Pacific Northwest. This wintry pattern will be capped off by a major, potentially historic, winter storm that will move across the region through Wednesday.”

So technically, Bend is not listed above. But, still. For Bend, they’re predicting another 3-5″ tonight and 4-6″ tomorrow—on top of what we got after it snowed steadily all day today. We often get a little less on the East side and it had blown around so much by the time I got home, that I couldn’t really tell how much had accumulated. But the West side probably had 3-6″? and the roads were icy, especially up at the college. And if it rains tomorrow afternoon—after the snow, as predicted—it’s going to be quite a mess. But at least a fair amount of people know how to drive in snow around here. Those cities above, not so much.

I love it! A nice fat dramatic storm after a wimpy mild start to winter. No matter how much it snows, I always wish it would snow more. And I’m not even a winter sports kind of girl. Hope we all get a snow day tomorrow.

I do feel badly about the calico cat who is still living under our porch, though. I’ve been trying to convince her to come in, or at least let me touch her, but she is just too wary. I see her every day or so: she’ll come closer than she used to, and meow at me, and I’ll talk back to her. We even hung out near each other for a while on a recent sunny day. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s been using the shelter I set up for her, other than to eat. There’s been a lot going on around here, but I need to borrow that live-trap very soon and hopefully nab her that way, so that we can find her a warm safe home.

What lurks outside my house; evidence on a snowy night

possible raccoon track

So I pulled up a while ago. It had snowed just enough to lightly cover the old car tracks. I noticed, however, two sets of tracks to the side of the driveway. One set was human. I thought, a-ha, somebody has been lurking around the side of my house! But then I remembered the meter guy had been out earlier. Then I felt bad that he had to trudge through the snow to get to my meter. Note to self, next time you shovel, clear a path to the meter.

I parked in the garage, then returned to check out the other tracks. My first thought was, raccoon! I followed the tracks down the driveway, bent over, and tried to take a picture. Annoyingly, my Android phone, which I otherwise love, doesn’t have a flash, so I wasn’t getting anything. It’s very cold out tonight. When I was messing with the camera, one of my rings slipped off—my rings have been too big for a while now: thanks, vegan diet—and went chink chinking down the driveway. Crap.

possible raccoon tracks

possible raccoon tracks

So I found a flashlight in the house. I went back out, quickly found the ring (thankfully the light snow on the drive kept it from going very far, but was not deep enough to bury it), and decided to take a closer look at the tracks. They went all the way down the driveway, a block or so down the sidewalk, and then disappeared across the street. I was able to snap a few pics with the flashlight and phone. I also saw kitty tracks, which were so much smaller. What do you think: Raccoon? My hands and feet are bloody cold, but it was worth it. I love getting these little glimpses into my suburban nocturnal world; Shoot me if I ever stop being curious. In the last week since our two big snowfalls, I’ve also seen deer and bunny tracks wandering through or across the sleeping front garden and yard.