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Last CSA share of the year


My last ½ share. I roasted these Brussels sprouts tonight with some olive oil, salt, and garlic salt. After my hubby informed me that he loathes brussel sprouts, I proceeded to eat them. All of them. Well, I gave one to Ruby. Cover anything with olive oil and salt and it’s going to be pretty irresistible to me. I haven’t had Brussels sprouts very often. But they tasted just fine—kind of like a combo of broccoli and cabbage—which makes sense, since they’re highly related.

I’m bummed that the season is over. Although I didn’t always use every bit of the veggies each week (I wasted the lettuce more than once, for instance—salad just doesn’t inspire me), the food budget is going to go up. Or we’re going to eat less fresh veggies. Sigh.

I spent the evening putting together a Potato-Sweet Potato-Leek crockpot soup to get us set up for the weekend, as well as roasting the remaining beets. Plus, I’m about to put in the 2nd loaf of spelt bread of the day. (I experimented with replacing the majority of the whole wheat flour with spelt flour. It made the dough extra sticky, but the bread turned out just fine.)

Last CSA 2011

Here’s to weekends at home


In spite of the fact that my husband and I have been sick for a week (is this turning into bronchitis?!) and I’ve been feeling crappy off and on for a few weeks now, I just had a great weekend. Sometimes a quiet weekend at home is exactly what I need. No need to leave the house (except for the yard, or a walk around the neighborhood), and certainly no reason to drive anywhere.

Hubby and I did mostly our own thing, except for watching Rome together, an old series we’re working our way through on Netflix discs. I read most of Will Potter’s excellent Green is the New Red, which I’m going to finish after this post. I caught up on a bunch of vegan podcasts while doing stuff around the house. I henna’d my hair. I started some lentils sprouting in a jar, which is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. 

It was a slightly warm and sunny weekend, so I was able to take Pip, Isis, and the dogs out into the backyard to hang out a little. (Gordy and Nevermore were not very interested, but Gordy logged some good time on the porch. Caesar even came out to the porch for a bit.) I took Ruby for a walk, trimmed the dog’s nails, and brushed Bubba and gave him a bath, which hadn’t happened for a looong time. Due to his health issues, his coat has not been in the greatest shape lately, and he seems to always be shedding and shaggy—half a pug of fur is now in the back yard. This evening I even had a little time to research some news for the next show.

Poor Pip, the pain med that the doctor gave her for the extraction seriously cracks her out. Fairly immediately, her eyes glaze over and she loses coordination. In fact, we’ve had to keep an extra eye on her. This ordinarily very agile cat is having problems judging the leap to the cat tree, etc. And she somehow banged herself up in the night—she has a divot of fur out next to each eye (worse near her right eye). It could be that she had a tussle with one of the other cats, but I don’t think so. So tonight we’ll make sure to confine her to the bedroom. I’d almost rather not give her the pain med if its going to mess her up like that, but then I don’t know how bad the extraction might be hurting and she can’t tell me. Yesterday she did seem to be uncomfortable eating, so it probably does hurt—a lot. At least I know she loves going outside and was able to do that for her.

Both days I began to feel tired after about 4 hours, so it was great to have nothing that had to get done. Hopefully it was enough rest to kick this and be able to start my work week feeling good.