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Well, OK, 12-year-old birthday party, Take 2: Boys! didn’t exactly happen. None of the boys were in town and/or available tonight. We’ll try again for Thursday or next week. Funny how things are so different for each twin. I feel terrible for my step-son, he’s pretty bummed out.

But he got to spend some quality time with his Dad this afternoon and we all had a nice evening together. (Bike ride. Looking at the moon and emerging stars. Star Trek Online. Laughing at Beezebarb’s yearbook from high school. Waffles!—the boy wanted waffles instead of cupcakes.) Tomorrow is their actual birthday and we’re going to have a mostly family day {plus the VegNet potluck: our annual Luau.} I know it doesn’t make up for having friends over, but…

Around and around


Man, I did a lot of running around today, including ~ four ! ~ trips to the twins’ school across town (Dad going to district track meet with son required some extra juggling, plus an additional trip for a forgotten item).

I also had a VegNet lunch and later discussed a promising (not that I want to jinx it) consulting opportunity.

Then, I had forgotten to vote, so I ran home to do that quickly and drove it down to the drop-box with 2 minutes to spare.