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The Stray

Stray Calico

Stray Calico

Got the kitty checked out today—no microchip, no evidence of spay. Put a couple of signs up in the neighborhood, posted on Craigslist, called the Humane Society. Nobody has responded, and they probably won’t. Have a likely spay and foster situation lined up already.

So glad she’s not out in the cold and snow tonight!

{Funny that she kind of looks like Pip and the Cat Dreams cat.}

Breakthrough—First Contact!


Breakthrough: I didn’t see the stray calico cat for a few days, although the food was clearly being eaten. Tonight, when I went to put out food, she was out there. She immediately rolled around on the sidewalk for me. Then I sat down at the edge of the porch, and put a little food on the first step. After a few minutes of meowing at me, she came up and ate it—and I was able to give her a small scritch on the head—first contact! That was all it took. I think once she decided I was to be trusted, she was all in. After that, she let me pet her all over, even pick her up and hold her in my lap, and she meowed and purred a very quiet purr. She rubbed her head on me and licked my hand. So sweet.

She seems pretty young—her head is very round (no pronounced occipital crest) and her fur is so soft. I couldn’t feel a chip between her shoulders, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Also, she doesn’t seem very thin; on the contrary she appears to be getting plenty to eat. Maybe she makes the rounds? The thing is, for weeks on end she seems to live under our porch. Even when it’s pouring down rain, or super cold, or snowy.

Now, what to do with her? We can’t afford another cat, because we can’t afford to get her regular teeth cleanings and other medical care. (Don’t think I’m not tempted, though.) And it is so hard to know if she is owned by somebody who leaves her out at night, or lets her come and go. I still think I should get her into the carrier soon and take her down somewhere to get scanned. And also put up those posters in the neighborhood asking if anybody owns her.

Wait, we’re not done yet? Snow!


Wait, we’re not done yet?

“Major Winter Storm from Pacific Northwest to the Northern Rockies 

Late Tuesday night through Wednesday, a strong low-pressure system with copious amounts of moisture will approach the Northwest coast. This will set the stage for a major winter storm across the lower elevations and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Travel could become dangerous or impossible in the cities listed below, just to name a few.”

Cities in the winter storm threat zone: Seattle | Olympia | Bellingham | Portland/Vancouver |”

“Since Sunday, snow showers have been falling off and on across the lower elevations of the Pacific Northwest. This wintry pattern will be capped off by a major, potentially historic, winter storm that will move across the region through Wednesday.”

So technically, Bend is not listed above. But, still. For Bend, they’re predicting another 3-5″ tonight and 4-6″ tomorrow—on top of what we got after it snowed steadily all day today. We often get a little less on the East side and it had blown around so much by the time I got home, that I couldn’t really tell how much had accumulated. But the West side probably had 3-6″? and the roads were icy, especially up at the college. And if it rains tomorrow afternoon—after the snow, as predicted—it’s going to be quite a mess. But at least a fair amount of people know how to drive in snow around here. Those cities above, not so much.

I love it! A nice fat dramatic storm after a wimpy mild start to winter. No matter how much it snows, I always wish it would snow more. And I’m not even a winter sports kind of girl. Hope we all get a snow day tomorrow.

I do feel badly about the calico cat who is still living under our porch, though. I’ve been trying to convince her to come in, or at least let me touch her, but she is just too wary. I see her every day or so: she’ll come closer than she used to, and meow at me, and I’ll talk back to her. We even hung out near each other for a while on a recent sunny day. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s been using the shelter I set up for her, other than to eat. There’s been a lot going on around here, but I need to borrow that live-trap very soon and hopefully nab her that way, so that we can find her a warm safe home.

Incalculable calicos


Today, we saw the stray calico cat in the front yard. We watched her poke around a bit and then took her out some food. Or course, she spooked and ran way off along the fence towards the back of the house. Within about a half hour, I saw her in the back yard. But wait, she looked bigger. And darker. And where was all the white on her legs and belly? Oddly enough, it was a different calico cat with no collar. This one reminded me of a tom cat by her build and attitude (less skittish), but of course, that would be quite unusual.

With our kitty Pip, that makes 3 calicoes in the near vicinity. What’s up with that?

3 cats of 3 colors.

I wonder if my feeding the one calico ended up attracting the other one? Uh-oh. I also wonder how many stray cats are in our neighborhood. There are a lot of foreclosed houses a few blocks down and still many unemployed people in this town. I wonder if the number of strays has gone up in the last few years. I’ve heard that local horse rescues have been inundated because people just can’t afford to keep their large animals anymore.

I read an interesting book some years ago that I would recommend, Cats are Not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics.

What do I know about Constancy?


A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus – Week 28

Constancy. Constancy is defined as:

  1. the quality of having a resolute mind, purpose, or affection; steadfastness
  2. freedom from change or variation; stability
  3. steadfastness, as in purpose or affection; faithfulness

When I think of constancy, I think of those things that make me feel grounded. I think in terms of the larger cycles of life: the ebb and flow of the tides (see more beautiful ocean views below), the changing of the seasons, the passing of each new day – followed by the beginning of another, the life cycle of plants and animals. Each are absolute wonders of our natural world.

What do I know about Constancy? I suppose I do appreciate the ebb and flow of each day with the dark and the light, and changes of the moon each month, and the seasons that bleed softly (sometimes harshly) into one another. Steadfastness, faithfulness, yes, I hope a know a little of those. But freedom from change or variation? That sounds boring. Frankly, I think I’m afraid to stick to routine because it might be unexciting, or be perceived as uninspired.

Nevermore seems almost back to her old self today. Still clearly not 100%, but we did not have to make a vet appointment, yet.

In the meantime, outside stray calico kitty is back and has been receiving regular supplementation under the porch, where I think she stays most nights. I don’t know what she does when it’s bitter cold. She was sunbathing on our defunct car in the driveway today, so hubby took her out an extra snack. She’s still very skittish and ran away, but came back to eat every bit within minutes once the human went back inside. He said she looked pretty skinny. We’re trying to make friends with her enough to see if we can verify that she’s homeless, but she’s so wary.

Kids got here today. I think tomorrow we may have to start some preliminary vegan cooking for Thursday. Maybe make bread crumbs for stuffing, and pie…