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24 hours to spare!


Well the taxes are finally done, with an entire 24 hours to spare! (There go 4 days of my life I’ll never get back—the last 3, plus one last weekend.)

The house is a disaster, the kids and hub have had to fend for themselves, eating whatever miscellaneous scraps they can find, and the animals are starved for my attention. Except for the parrot, who has been oddly non-screechy and sweet for the past few days and as a result has gotten more big-cage time and attention than normal. {thank you, thank you, thank you gods!}

Over the last 3 days I’ve sucked down an insane amount of tea, showered erratically, and barely left the house. Thankfully I did yoga Saturday morning, and got out for an hour or so to a spring festival with the kids that afternoon. And, of course, I got to search for the missing kitty yesterday. I’m looking forward to things getting back to {semi} normal tomorrow.

Ooh, and I found out today that I have another job interview on Monday, which is good news!

Anyhoo, what have you all been up to?

Tax musings


Man, I always think that this year I’ll be able to do my taxes quicker because I’m more caught up, it’s similar to last year, blah blah blah. Or that next year I’ll do a little bit of bookkeeping each week and then get my taxes done early, with no rush. But those things never happen. And here I am, once again, up half the night, trying to figure out which way to go, file jointly or separately?, recalculating medical expenses, hoping nothing triggers the evil eye. And every year I plug in our info to see if maybe we should file jointly—and then it turns out filing married separate is either so close that it’s not worth risking my refund, or actually a better deal. Now next year, when we have kids to claim, it will be a completely different story—to the tune of 1000’s of dollars. {I’ll also have quite a bit of unemployment income that has not been taxed.}

But that’s an entire year away. And I have to get up in only a few hours to drive the kids to school. So, the taxes won’t get done tonight. Not quite. I could blame it on the cat getting out today and having to look for her around the neighborhood, or the kid falling off her bike and getting bruised and scraped. But really, it’s just me. And the books. And my habits. And my fears. Of doing it wrong. Of not getting that refund that we could really really use about now. Of owing money that we don’t have. If we had a money buffer right now, I’d be done with the taxes. Because I wouldn’t be obsessing over making sure to include every little thing, every single deduction we possibly qualify for.

I’m sure many of you (in the U.S.) know my pain.

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!


7 hours into more tax prep and hopefully I’ll have the discipline to stop soon. Problem is, when I sit down to the taxes, I like to get every single account completed reconciled and balanced in Quicken—up to today. It’s kind of fun in an obsessive-compulsive anal-retentive kind of way. {Uh, don’t tell anybody I said that!}

So, almost everything is in good order, and I just need to plug in a bit more biz data, generate a few reports, get my thrift store donation lists entered, and then review all the preliminary stuff that I started last week. Piece of cake, right? {I just hope it doesn’t take the entire day tomorrow.}

At least this year I didn’t see anybody on twitter or Facebook in January or February bragging about getting their taxes done early. I hate that; so rude.

Kid catch-up, consulting, and gearing up for tax weekend


I spent the last couple of nights with the kids. Nice, after spending quite a few evenings away lately.

And I actually got a few hours of paid consulting in this week, which will be good.

I sat down to do a little more bookkeeping / tax prep this afternoon, but didn’t get beyond current bills. Tomorrow is my day to really dig into it and try to get the taxes near completion. I hope it rains all day like it did today.

YippeeLast minute, every year, no matter what is going on. That’s my style.

Anti-procrastination Monday


Today, instead of anti-procrastination Wednesday (Flylady), I had an anti-procrastination Monday. Still didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted, but I did pretty good:

  • Got the twins all registered for this session’s extra curricular activities: Track, Rock Band, Choir, Spanish. {2 forms, 3 conversations in addition to discussing with the twins.} Scholarships plus volunteering will pay for these.
  • Posted some social media about Wednesday’s SharePoint user group meeting.
  • Called to get a request in for a VegNet booth for Earth Day.
  • Set up a radio interview, including prepping questions.
  • Talked to the station about underwriting, then talked to a natural products company that wants to sponsor our radio show. Connected the two.
  • Went to my first yoga class in several weeks. {Restorative, because I didn’t know how much I could handle after being sick and with the asthma issues I’m having: I did fine.}
  • Did more news research for the show.
  • Set up a time for a job interview later in the week (Woot!)
  • Purchased, downloaded, and installed tax software.