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Yes, it’s Fall, there’s a nip in the air (along with plenty of lingering smoke from a forest fire), and I’m wearing red and blue striped sock monkey footie pajamas. My step-daughter opted for the zebra striped ones. We also bought a purple toaster tonight. We’re quite a pair.

I’m also a fan of these superman footies.

Worms, Reading List, Goose Count


On my reading list this week:

Also, I found a local source for worms for the compost bin. Now I just need to coordinate a time to pick them up and maybe I’ll actually put the bin together this weekend (although I was kind of hoping to have the kids help construct it, and they’ll be at their mom’s this weekend. I guess I could wait until Monday). I’ve been saving veggie scraps, tea bags, etc. for a week and the amount is surprising. I mean, we are vegan, and we do cook mostly at home, but still!

Tomorrow I’m getting up at the crack of dawn to help with a Canada Goose bird count. So, most unfortunately, I have to attempt a highly unnatural bed time. But I feel it’s important that I help on this one—put some action behind my words.