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Putting a dent


Finally put a dent today in the mounds of paperwork and bills either created or neglected in the last few weeks: School stuff of all sorts for three kids, doctors, insurance papers, unopened mail, etc. Having the kids here and getting them settled has taken up a lot of time. (Not to mention gas—yikes!)

Today we got my eldest step-daughter registered at her new high school. Luckily, there was no school, but teachers were there grading finals, so she got to wander all over with her schedule, find her classrooms, and speak with many of her new teachers. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to make her feel more comfortable. Which is great, because I was worried that everyone would be too matter-of-fact in this busy working-class high school.

After, at Costco, we picked her up a cool insulated lunch tote that looks like a purse (for far less than this person is trying to sell on eBay). There is so much fun lunch stuff now. This tomato lunch tote is cool, although somewhat impractical. I also want this panda one-compartment bento box for myself. 

We then got our hair cut at the local beauty training school for ridiculously cheap. My hair turned out great. I’m as happy with this $9 haircut as I’ve ever been with previous $40 or $60 ones. Maybe I can get my hair cut more than once or twice a year this way.