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Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows… and the hills you choose


I’m often discouraged, envious, and bitter. And I’m not afraid to say that out loud. It’s not all rainbows and lollipops, and it’s not healthy to pretend or project that it is. You know that in your gut, right?

But I can’t help having a glimmer of hope sometimes that things might be better. That all of these bits and pieces of life and work experience will coalesce in just the right way, for one moment, into something… meaningful. For me, for my family, for the animals, for my community, for my country, for my world.

I’m taking the time this week to think about what I can do next to encourage this to happen. 

Erik of vegan.com is adept at pointing out things on his blog that encourage reflection by animal advocates. Today he linked to this post on Seth Godin’s blog: An endless series of difficult but achievable hills. Seth says that:

“achievement is often the result of stepwise progress, of doing something increasingly difficult until you get the result you seek. … Repeating easy tasks again and again gets you not very far. Attacking only steep cliffs where no progress is made isn’t particularly effective either. No, the best path is an endless series of difficult (but achievable) hills. … The craft of your career comes in picking the right hills. Hills just challenging enough that you can barely make it over. A series of hills becomes a mountain, and a series of mountains is a career.”

In spite of the business-speaky, positive-thinking  sound of Seth’s words, maybe there is something useful here. Maybe, instead of starting over, everything so far is a series of steps taking me where I need to be—to be the most effective—to be of use.

What hills are you climbing?