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Nerding it up instead of gawking it up: A Settlers of Catan weekend


While others in Bend this weekend were running into and posing with Jack Black or Beck, or seeing The Shins, Tenacious D, and/or Beck in concert, my decidedly uncool (and broke) family were nerding it up playing Settlers of Catan. We even warmed up to the new game by watching Wil Wheaton play it first.

Does this make me a Wheaton-esque geek?


Magic Arrest Enchantment AuraMy hubby’s been teaching me Magic and we’ve been playing together for about a week. My brain hurts, but I just kicked his ass twice in a row in spite of his three Arrest Enchantments, so I think I’m kind of liking it. And the artwork is pretty cool.

I’d say this officially makes me a Wheaton-esque geek, but I’m sure others would say I’ve been there for a while. Should I mention how much I wish we were at Emerald City Comicon right now? We had so much fun with the crazies a few years ago. And we actually met Mr. Wheaton himself, which was great—he seemed like such a genuinely nice guy, taking the time to really engage with each person who stood in line to meet him.

Another highlight: meeting Angus Oblong (in very scary clown makeup), creator of The Oblongs among many other twisted things. I still have the Wicked Woman shirt I got there. Somewhere in the world there is a photo of me in that shirt with Angus.