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Wind me up


Not enough sleep last night and very little rest today—especially way too much time on the phone (I’ve discovered I really don’t like talking on the phone anymore)—but it was a day of new possibilities, so that’s good. Talked with a potential new client, arranged two interviews for the radio show, got some financial aid info in, did news research, and recorded news at the station.

Now I’m beat and trying to wind down “early.”

wind (v.1) Look up wind at Dictionary.com“move by turning and twisting,” O.E. windan “to turn, twist, wind” (class III strong verb; past tense wand, pp. wunden), from P.Gmc. *wendanan (cf. O.S. windan, O.N. vinda, O.Fris.winda, Du. winden, O.H.G. wintan, Ger. winden, Goth. windan “to wind”), from PIE *wendh- “to turn, wind, weave” (cf. L. viere “twist, plait, weave,” vincire “bind,” Lith. vyti “twist, wind”). Related to wend, which is its causative form, and to wander. Wind down “come to a conclusion” is recorded from 1952; wind up “come to a conclusion” is from 1825. Winding sheet “shroud of a corpse” is attested from early 15c. ~ Online Etymology Dictionary

How is it that both wind down and wind up mean “come to a conclusion?”

Dictionary.com Verb phrases

wind down

a. to lessen in intensity so as to bring or come to a gradual end: The war is winding down.
b. to calm down; relax: He’s too excited tonight to wind down and sleep.

wind up

a. to bring to a state of great tension; excite (usually used in the past participle):
     He was all wound up before the game.
b. to bring or come to an end; conclude: to wind up a sales campaign.
c. to settle or arrange in order to conclude: to wind up one’s affairs.
d. to become ultimately: to wind up as a country school teacher.
e. Baseball . (of a pitcher) to execute a windup.

Tomorrow’s our monthly VegNet potluck. It’s a bummer that once in a while my WordPress/Web Design & Dev group, which meets every other Wednesday, falls on the potluck night. I really wanted to go tomorrow too, as somebody is presenting on the dos and don’ts of video hosting and blogging. But since I help organize the potluck and need to help set up, it’s hard for me to not be there. We just don’t have enough volunteers.