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School, family, software


Long day. I guess for some people this was a holiday.

Started with a Google hangout chat with one of my grad program instructors. It was great to talk with her “in person,” since the course is all online.

Then somehow the entire middle of the day got sucked into family-prep-for-school stuff {school starts Wednesday for the middle-schoolers, Thursday for the high-schooler}. Getting things on the calendar, talking about what’s coming up in the next few weeks, etc.

Finally, late this evening and into tonight I was able to play a little more with Pagelines, a WordPress software I’ve been wanting to learn. I’ve just scratched the surface, but I think it clicks for me and I’ll be able to do some good stuff with it. Build out some new sites, improve some old ones.

Inspired and tired


Long user group / training day. I spent all afternoon at my SharePoint User Group {where I had a Black Butte Porter, since it was held at Deschutes Brewery, and a ton of kalamata olives and bread, since those were the only vegan items}, then I popped into WordPress and Beer for a ½ hour {where I didn’t have a beer, but I did have a lavender/chocolate/blueberry tea that I love from a local coffee shop}, followed by a special training at the station on a mac audio editing and recording software. 7 hours later, I return; inspired and tired; peopled out.


WordPress, Biggest Loser


Tonight I went to my bi-monthly WordPress and Beer user group. Such a mellow group of interesting people, mostly independent consultants. I’m learning a lot of good stuff there, which isn’t necessarily WordPress related. I showed up without beer again, but honestly, I’m still not feeling great so it just didn’t sound good.

Afterwards, I chilled out a bit by watching the latest Biggest Loser on Hulu. One thing about the show really bothered me tonight though—the roasted pig. Did they really have to show that poor pig’s body again and again as they were doing the challenge? It was sad. {At least they didn’t show the contestants eating the pig.} The product placement spots continue to be annoying as well, as they keep spouting outdated nutrition information and pushing dairy, etc. Other than issues like these, I do look forward to watching the show, because I like transformation stories.

Wishing for Friday


Is it Friday yet? This has been another exhausting week. A slow computer, so many phone calls and emails that I’m waiting for, interruptions when I’m trying to concentrate, things that seem so promising but then fall through after much wasted effort, and too many decisions that must be made. Plus more paperwork.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been out a few evenings. Yesterday, we interviewed a local cancer survivor about her vegan transformation—she has a pretty interesting story. Tonight I attended my first WordPress user group meeting in about 6 months. Of course, because we’re in Bend, its official name is WordPress and Beer. It’s BYOB, and I didn’t (but I might next time); I got to watch a lot of other people drink a wide variety of beer, and I got my head a little back into WordPress dev, which is good. Time to do a little experimentation and learn some new things.

The girls and I had time to watch about half of the latest Downton Abbey before I left tonight. We’ll have to watch the rest tomorrow night, as they’ll be gone this weekend.



Well my gut feeling was right. But I’m trying to look at it as a crisitunity, a la Homer Simpson.

The twins made it through their first week at the magnet school. Also, the WordPress app is now available for the Fire, which is cool {no spell check, though. What’s up with that?}. Gotta celebrate the good things.