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Worms, collage


Yesterday, we bought a surprisingly small amount of worms for the price and added them to the new compost bin. We were assured that they would soon multiply to fill the space available. They are much skinnier and less wiggly than I imagined. I keep opening the bin, hoping for instant compost, but I guess now we just need to let them eat and poop for a few months. Sort of anti-climactic.

Today, I went to my friend’s 2nd annual collage party. Last year I made this. This year, I took the girls. They had a lot of fun experimenting with the gel transfer technique and each brought home a piece. I did a couple of small pieces—some animals and birds from magazine photos I had saved from last year. Nothing too exciting, but maybe I’ll photograph them tomorrow.

Worms, Reading List, Goose Count


On my reading list this week:

Also, I found a local source for worms for the compost bin. Now I just need to coordinate a time to pick them up and maybe I’ll actually put the bin together this weekend (although I was kind of hoping to have the kids help construct it, and they’ll be at their mom’s this weekend. I guess I could wait until Monday). I’ve been saving veggie scraps, tea bags, etc. for a week and the amount is surprising. I mean, we are vegan, and we do cook mostly at home, but still!

Tomorrow I’m getting up at the crack of dawn to help with a Canada Goose bird count. So, most unfortunately, I have to attempt a highly unnatural bed time. But I feel it’s important that I help on this one—put some action behind my words.