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First butte hike of the spring, radio interviews, & ramping up for super week


Today was gorgeous—the snow had mostly melted, the sun was out, and it was quite warm. Instead of doing yoga, we decided to hike Pilot Butte for the first time since last fall. The north side had quite a bit of snow on the trail, which made it a bit slippery in tennis shoes, but we made it.

This evening I spent a few hours editing an interview and then a few more hours at the studio with Judy. We’re excited to bump the show up to twice monthly pretty soon (right now, we’re once a month).

I’m mentally preparing for a super busy week, including getting an outline and quote ready for a client, putting together various important applications and paperwork, attending a meeting and doing some interviews with a group trying to ban trapping in Central Oregon, hosting a vegan lunch get-together, running the SharePoint User Group, attending the WordPress User Group, and attending a school event of the twins. Plus I’m going to fit some yoga in, and hopefully some software training for myself. Phew! I’m tired already.

Random from this week: Downton Abbey finale, bye bye bank, filing, Biggest Loser, quiet weekend ahead


Random from this week:

Downton Abbey finale: Good, but the happy ending with Mary & Matthew seemed somewhat contrived—even though it was what we all clearly wanted. I can’t believe we have to wait a year for season 3. How are we going to stay interested? Is this going to be like the Sopranos: So long between seasons that I just don’t care anymore by the time it comes around?

Opened credit union accounts last week, closed my bank accounts today. {Of course, I still have a credit card with the bank, so I can’t get rid of them completely—yet!} The bank guy who helped me seemed pretty defeated. With his job. And his life. It was weird, really. Hope he’s OK.

Spent the afternoon and evening filing papers while having my own personal Biggest Loser marathon. I’ve had so little personal time in the last month or so that isn’t filled up with kids and other busyness, that I’ve been very behind on my Hulu queue. {I haven’t gotten much reading done, either, which is sad.) I’m not really feeling BL this season, but I keep watching anyway.

I’ve been recreating my home office in the west section of the living room, and I finally brought one small filing cabinet down today. I can’t believe that I still have so much paper, when I have a perfectly good scanner. I think fear holds me back—“What if I need that original some day?” But, over the years I’ve gotten better. I definitely recycled way more paper than I filed today. Most of it needs shredded, though, which is a pain.

I hope to reinstall my laptop software this weekend. The only other things I have planned are yoga tomorrow morning, cardio of some sort on Sunday, and the last Vegan Pledge Sunday evening. It’s going to be a deliciously quiet weekend—the kids are at their mom’s.


Vegan pledge, the show, yoga, and a hard week coming up


Busy day. My vegan partner in crime picked me up at 1p so we could set up for the Vegan Pledge week 3. We led our great group of people through the pledge, then  went right over around 4p to work a few hours on the radio show. I got back around 8p, said a quick hello to everyone, then jumped in the car and went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some stuff for the week. The kids are back from their mom’s and we’re about to start the weekly drill all over again.

Except I have to figure out how to crank my show out tomorrow. We’re quite behind. I’m going to make sure to get some yoga in during the earliest available class after I drop the kids off. It is the best way I know of to deal with stress right now, and I’m going to take advantage of it. We’ll see what the Prana class can teach me.

This week is typically hard for me. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my cat Connecticut’s death, and Thursday is the anniversary of my mom’s death. Generally a week of heavy contemplation for me at the very least.

Yoga plus Occupy the Music


Yoga this morning was great, it was a similar style class to the one I used to go to, Vinyasa Flow, so mostly it felt very familiar. It was super crowded, but I liked the instructor and will definitely take another class with her.

I spent part of the day getting some basic groceries, doing a bit of housework, prepping some materials for tomorrow’s Vegan Pledge, and setting up more of my new desk area. Last week, I decided to move my home office into one end of the living room, since my old home office is no longer available (is now a kid’s room). And I was getting very sick of the clutter crammed into the corner of the master bedroom.

It should work out fine for now as we don’t really use the living room much at the moment. (Weird how when you take the TV out, the focal point is gone, and it seems like there is really no reason to congregate there anymore. Plus, we have crappy furniture. If we ever got a real sofa and/or good quality reading chairs, it would be much more desirable to hang out there). We haven’t had cable for years, but we normally hook up a laptop to the big TV for Hulu & Netflix, etc. The  TV got moved up to the bedroom a few months ago and never left. So now we just congregate there instead—or everyone watches their own thing on their Kindle Fire.

Tonight, I went to Occupy the Music, a benefit concert put on by some friends of mine. I didn’t know what to expectand was pleasantly surprised at the talent there. I especially enjoyed E.T. and the Boy and David Rovics.

Finally: Yoga!


Something good happened! I managed to get the family a highly discounted pass to the local community fitness center. I used to go there 10 years ago when I moved back, but I haven’t been able to afford it for a long time. I can’t wait to take the kids there. It will be good to get the twins near a pool again—at their mom’s they were on a  swim team and it might be something they’d like to continue. Of course, there are extra fees for the swim teams, but we’ll cross that road when we come to it.

Tomorrow morning—yoga, 9:30. {Smiles.} I haven’t made yoga a priority for a long time either (financially or time-wise).

Ideas for Renewal


A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus – Week 18

This week’s focus is RENEWAL.
The root of renewal (renew) is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

  • (1) to make like new: restore to freshness, vigor or perfection
  • (2) to make new spiritually
  • (3) to begin again

So often in our culture we go – go – go without taking the time to slow down enough to look inside and see what is really going on. We work hard, play hard, overeat, over-exercise, indulge, imbibe and repeat. Taking time for renewal regularly is one way of allowing ourselves to listen from within and to restore to maximum efficiency. Renewal can take many forms, depending on your temperament and likes. Consider these:

  • Spiritually – spending time in devotion or prayer, reading, conscious breathing, mat time, attending church services, connecting deeply with friends and family, writing, journaling, spending time in nature
  • Mentally – meditation, journaling, mat time, reading, writing, conscious breathing, praying, sleep, yoga nidra, restorative yoga
  • Physically – yoga, running, hiking, kayaking, playing with children, playing a sport, biking, swimming, working out at the gym, sleeping

My idea of renewal: A writing, meditation, or yoga retreat (I’ve never done this), a birding road trip to Malheur Wildlife Refuge, a day-long hike in a new place, or somewhere I haven’t been for a long time, taking up a new sport, floating the river (for some reason, this intimidates me, although we did it all the time as a family growing up—maybe it’s because somebody manages to die on the river every year), learning a new art (like mosaics, which I did a few summers ago). Learning drawing, painting,or crafting techniques.

What I really need right now, though, is a professional renewal. This has been a rough year in that respect. I need some time to renew, re-craft, and decide what comes next. Time, time, time. Something has to change, something has to give. Some days I’m confident that something fantastic is going to happen. Many other days I feel defeated and hopeless. My only comfort is knowing that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

What I can and can’t live with


I made that phone call today, and it was hard, but also a relief. The decision is made and there is no going back. And I can live with that.

What I’m not sure I can live with is my Nurse Practitioner trying to give me even stronger steroidal drugs to control my asthma. She would like me to take Advair for the next two weeks in addition to Albuterol to hopefully get my lungs to open up. I asked her about alternatives to pharmaceuticals. I don’t want to be taking them, because I believe in most cases I’m healthier without them due to known and unknown side effects, and also because they are often tested on animals and I like to make consistent ethical choices about what I eat, what I wear, what products I use, and what medications I put into my body. 

So she suggested mindfulness meditation, which is a great idea. And also any other exercise that teaches me to belly breathe and relax. Yoga, voice projection lessons, etc. But she still thinks there are times to take medications and that now I really need it—or my situation will turn worse than chronic. So she sent me home with Advair. And the plan was to use it for just a few weeks. But when I opened it I saw that it has lactose in it. Enough that there is a big warning in case of allergies. So not only was it probably tested on animals but it has animal products in it. Crap. I guess I could call her and see if she has any alternative ideas. I was really hoping to feel better by now, but the lungs are just not opening up. {Jeez, this is turning into pharmaceutical company ethical dilemma week.}

I’m going to call up the acupuncturist tomorrow and get back on track with him. That certainly can’t hurt. And will start setting aside time for meditation. If I felt up to exercising again, more than just slow walks, I know that would help as well. Yoga, of course. Maybe I can find a video and do yoga on my own for a while until I find a new place… Anything, but these stupid drugs.