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CSA Basket #19: October 10, 2012


CSA Box #19, 2012

CSA Box #19, 2012

In the box:

  • Broccoli
  • Carrot
  • Cilantro
  • Lettuce, Romaine
  • Onions, yellow
  • Pepper mix, sweet
  • Red potatoes, red
  • Salad mix
  • Squash, Delicata
  • Tomatoes (a lot!)

What was in the prior boxes?

I just took a much-needed break from blogging daily for over two years (minus a couple of days). Saturday night I came home exhausted after going out with the SharePoint Saturday folks, and just didn’t do my daily blog post. I had been thinking about cutting back to a few times a week anyway, and it gave me a good excuse, especially since this week was jam-packed full of schoolwork, a live radio show, etc. And things aren’t going to slow down anytime soon.

Saturday was especially stressful, as my 14.5 year old pug Bubba had to have emergency surgery to remove his right eye, which had become dramatically swollen over a couple of days from a nasty infection. He also had a dental infection and had to have a bunch of teeth out. We had to make some quick decisions on Saturday, but as it seemed like he had a good chance of a full recovery (other than losing the eye), we went ahead with it. He was mostly blind anyway, as well as deaf (or near to it). But he must have  been able to see some light/shadow with the eye, because he’s even more lost than before and really has to find his way around by trial and error. Thankfully, he still has a pretty good sense of smell, so he’s using that to his advantage in locating food—he’s has a great appetite so far! Later this week, I’ll post a pic of our one-eyed pirate pug.



First of all: teenage boys and athletes foot. Ew!

Today was a hodgepodge. Also the 3rd time I’ve used that word in this blog—the last time less than a month ago. Do these words make me look old?!

hodgepodge (n.) Look up hodgepodge at Dictionary.comalso hodge podge, hodge-podge, early 15c., hogpoch, alteration of hotchpotch (late 14c.) “a kind of stew,” especially “one made with goose, herbs, spices, wine, and other ingredients,” earlier an Anglo-French legal term (late 13c.) meaning “collection of property in a common ‘pot’ before dividing it equally,” from O.Fr. hochepot “stew, soup,” first element from hocher “to shake,” from a Germanic source (cf. M.H.G. hotzen “shake”).


  • Drove the twins to school
  • Had a great Google Hangout with one of my Humane Ed professors
  • Worked on the agenda handouts for SharePoint Saturday
  • Missed a middle school volleyball game to keep an eye on our 14-year-old pug Bubba, who is not feeling so hot and is possibly not long for this world. {I’ve been carrying him up and down the stairs and to and from the backyard for a few days now, because he can’t see anymore, he’s very confused, and he’s too weak to get around.}
  • Hung out with my older step-daughter after school
  • Watched a video and read {a little} for school
  • Did not get outside
  • Did not do yoga (last yoga = Sunday)

Tomorrow kicks off a very long weekend of SharePoint Saturday events. Judging from last year, it will be both fun and exhausting.

At least I got to sleep in


I finally got to sleep in today. (Other than waking up a bunch of times to a yowling calico cat.)

Even though it was a record-breaking warm day for April 22, I managed to spend no time outdoors, and to get little productive done other than give Bubba some long overdue maintenance: nails, ears, and a bath, and then work on the next All Things Vegan show. Oh well.

Pug Dreams

Bubba sleeps hard

Bubba: Is he breathing?

More and more, Bubba sleeps the sleep of the dead. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve glanced at him recently and thought, “Is he breathing?” And it takes a while to wake him up, as if he’s swimming up from some deep depth and then is startled to see somebody on the surface.

Seriously, if you had asked me two weeks ago which dog was not going to make it to the end of 2010, I would have said Bubba. He’s really slowed down this year: He doesn’t see or hear that great anymore and I had to stop taking him to the dog park because he would get so confused. He would suddenly stop, not knowing where I was. Then he would look off in some seemingly random direction, cock his head, decide that must be the way I went, and take off as fast as he could.

With Deimos sticking by my side like glue, Ruby taking off with every stranger she could meet, and Bubba either wandering aimlessly or suddenly beelining it for a far off juniper, I gave up on dog parks for a while.

In addition to his lifelong skin allergies, over the past year or so Bubba also started having episodes of “Old Dog Vestibular Syndrome” in which he falls over twitching as if he is having a seizure and then is unable to get up right away because his balance is off. The first time it happened, it was very scary – he kept leaning to the side and not being able to right himself, and his eyes were twitching rhythmically back and forth – I thought he’d had a stroke or something and I rushed him to the vet. However, it’s happened a handful of times now and about 10-15 minutes after an episode, he seems back to normal. Fortunately, he’s never had any resulting permanent symptoms like a head tilt, as apparently some dogs do. Since the cause is not known, there is no clear treatment path. He’s on some Chinese and herbal medicines, which seem to have slowed down the episodes, but not stopped them completely.

Hopefully, when Bubba does leave us for good, he’ll go in one of those deep sleeps of his, dreaming whatever pugs dream – maybe of dog parks in which guardians don’t get lost.