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I just finished editing a short interview with Juliette West about her documentary, How I Became An Elephant


I just finished editing a short interview we did with Juliette West at Portland VegFest, about her documentary, How I Became An Elephant. Will air Tuesday!

At Portland VegFest, we sat down for a few minutes with Juliette West, star of the riveting documentary, How I Became an Elephant, which was screened at VegFest. Juliette was just 14 years old when she set out to Thailand to see for herself how elephants are mistreated there, to meet Lek, Asia’s famous “Elephant Lady,” and to take part in rescuing one elephant, who becomes a symbol to the world of humanity’s capacity for cruelty… and compassion.

How I Became an Elephant is directed by 16-time award winning filmmakers Tim Gorski and Synthian Sharp and produced by actor/producer Jorja Fox.

Today, some seemingly random updates


Today, some seemingly random updates:

This morning I learned that The West Memphis Three have been released from prison, on some quirky plea deal. I haven’t followed this case much over the last ten years, but at one time my forensic company (and forensic ex) was actively involved in the defense and a related documentary (involvement in that film is an interesting story for another day). So glad they’re finally out, but this is certainly not “justice,” as they were in prison for 18 years, one of them on death row, for crimes there is no evidence of them committing.

Earlier today, my co-host and I had a very nice phone chat with Harold Brown of FarmKind.org; We hope to air the interview for next month’s show. We’re about ready to throw the phone patch at the station out the window, however {ongoing saga}. Looks like we’re going to have to figure something else out for phone interviews. Zoom? Skype? A little of both? We’re working on it.

And we’ll get plenty of practice with the Zoom at Vida Vegan Con, which is coming up next week! In fact, the fun begins Friday, as we join up on the way to Portland with some of the attendees at a tour of Bob’s Red Mill. I’ve heard great things about Bob’s and his company, and I wanted to visit the last few times I was in Portland, so this is the perfect opportunity. At any given time, I have several Bob’s products in my pantry, especially with all the bread making this summer. On the menu at the store: vegan flapjacks and french toast! Plus, Spar for the Spurtle: The Ultimate Oatmeal Throwdown is Friday as well.

Finally, Forks Over Knives!


I finally got to watch Forks Over Knives! The DVD recently arrived and a friend passed it on to me this evening. So I watched it while cooking up a good plant-based meal, doing the dishes, and making up a new batch of bread dough. It was pretty much like I expected. Not a lot of new information for me, but well put together and could be transformative for somebody new to the info. I’d like to buy a copy for each of my extended family members, but I doubt they’d be receptive. Looking forward to the special features.

Lost Dogs & The Truth Behind Trapping


I had a good time tonight interviewing filmmaker Vanessa Schulz, who joined us in the studio with her sweet dog, Fumarola. Vanessa rescued Fumarola from the streets of Chile. Check out Vanessa’s film, Lost Dogs, and her other films, including Cull of the Wild: The Truth behind Trapping at 21st Paradigm.

See allthingsveganradio.org and http://www.facebook.com/AllThingsVegan for show notes and updates. Our interview with Vanessa will most likely air on our April 14 show.